Blogger Template

Header Font: Camila


Unzip the file and upload the XML file with the name dark-xml to Blogger dashboard – Backup/Restore.

Edit the Pages widget, select the pages you need and save it.

Drop Down Menus

Edit the Pages widgets and click to add an external link

Type in the name of the drop down menu followed by # as the link

Add another external link to add the drop down menu items.

Make every title start with an underscore.

The result will look like this in Layout:

And on the blog it will look like this:

Social Media

Edit the Social Media gadget in the menubar.

Type the name of the social media and add in the link.

Notes: All the social media icons available for this theme are listed in the preview.

When you add Bloglovin’ link make sure to use Bloglovin as the title instead of Bloglovin’.


You can upload a header image if you want and add a description.

Change the size of the image from the Blogger Designer.

Note: Contact us with your blog name if you want a similar header image.

Posts Slider

The slider will show the latest 6 posts automatically, but you can choose which posts to show instead by adding a certain label in the widget.

In the example above, I’m showing the posts with the label travel only (labels are case sensitive).

You can customize the height of the images:

Featured Post / Most Popular

In layout you can delete these widget and replace with new ones:

Note: These widgets have custom codes so if you delete them and want to add them back, you will have to reinstall the theme.

Instagram Feed

Visit instagram.pixelunion.net to generate an access token for your Instagram account. Make sure you’re logged into your Instagram account in order for it to work.

Edit the Instagram widget and add the code in the widget’s body:

Note: if the feed stops working generate a new token and replace the old one.

Other Widgets

Featured Post

Edit the featured post gadget at the footer of the blog and choose a post to feature.

Share Buttons

the share buttons will also only work when the blog is public and have the buttons enabled.

Number of posts per page

Edit the Blog Posts gadget to choose how many post.

Note: This may not always work due to auto-pagination, so make sure to use Jump Breaks for lengthy posts.


You can customize the colors and fonts of different widgets on the template.

In Theme -> Customize -> Advanced, change colors and fonts according to your need and then press Apply to Blog button.

Mobile Template

The theme is already responsive, so feel free to disable the mobile template if interested.

Note: The preview blog has the mobile template disabled.

Click the gear button at the bottom of mobile template to disable.


Choose custom from the drop down menu if you want to enable it.